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Design Thinking A process to repeatable innovation. Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to foster innovation and creativity. It is a user-centered approach that emphasizes empathy, collaboration, experimentation, and iteration. Design thinking involves several high-level phases that are critical to the success of the process. In this blog post, we will explore these phases in more detail. Empathize The first phase of design thinking is empathize....

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Andreas Neumeier Georgenstr. 45a 80799 Minga

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TIL A conspiracy theory around the “Ketchup Song” exists. The Ketchup Song Overall, the Wikipedia “Conspiracy Theory” list-page is fantastic. Lot’s of gold there. Too bad, there are enough people out there that take lots of stupid things serious.

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Status I ran half a marathon the other day. That’s 13,109 miles, or 21,0976km. Everything hurts, but I reached the finish line. TIL It’s a bad idea to use image: Apparently Postgres 16 came out, a version with a higher major version, that requires manual updating of databases. When you let docker do the job, the service fails. But that’s neither docker nor postgres to blame, that’s exactly how it should be....

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Hello Fediverse

Hello fediverse. Die Website wird schon seit ein paar Wochen mit Hugo als “Static Website Generator” gebaut. Das bedeutet, dass die Website im wesentlichen aus Content besteht, den ich einfach irgendwo speichern kann. Im Bauprozess gibt es quasi keine Abhängigkeiten zu Diensten über die ich keine Hoheit habe. Allein die Trägheit hat mich davon abgehalten, meinen Output von den gewohnten Kanälen weg zu verlagern. Das ist natürlich, wie für die meisten, Twitter und irgendwelche anderen online Dienste....

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Meta (not as in facebook) Things that start with a ‘P’ All things ‘P’ Product pramari - tech and process demo project - backlog Productivity toggl track Project track - privacy aware web tracking powered by matomo build - build system chat - enter the matrix. Python django Django: The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines streamlit A faster way to build and share data apps color and design I want hue colorbrewer2

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Hello World

Hello world. Every IT project starts with Hello world.

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